How much heavy traffic can WordPress handle?

What is WordPress in simple words?

Word press is a system that manages your content. Word press is an open-source system that makes it accessible to anyone and you can also modify the code if it fits well! WordPress has won the “best open-source software” awards many a time. According to a survey conducted recently, Word press is used by 42.1% of surveyed 10 million websites as of May 2021. There is something common among the big brand names like BBC America, The officials star-wars, Bata, The Walt Disney Company, The New York times company, Mercedes, and many more. That common thing is “WordPress”. Ta-da! Yes, it’s true. In addition to the above brands, a huge number of famous brands around the world trust Word press and uses it to build their brand website. So, you can imagine that a good amount of web traffic is not rare to find on websites created using word-press and word press efficiently handles all of that web chaos.

As far as traffic is concerned, WordPress has no limits. However, we cannot ignore the fact that a densely populated site will require adequate web hosting and on-site optimizations to stay up and running. So, if you are expecting to host a popular website on WordPress then there are few things you need to consider to ensure better heavy traffic handling.

The crux is choosing right web hosting

Server performance is what truly determines the performance of your website. A site cannot be prepared well for heavy traffic if it does not acquire a reliable web host. Hence, it’s crucial to choose the right web host for your website.

Below are some familiar web hosts available out of which decide which one to use based on your day-to-day requirement.

Shared hosting: It’s a low-cost web hosting that is greatly available for naïve. But as said anything that’s low cost comes with its own downside and the same is the case with this type of web hosting. It cannot handle heavy traffic.

Managed Word press hosting: It’s closely the same as shared hosting if you consider server level. But this type of hosting offers some additional word press features that help you to take your traffic level handling to a higher level than shared hosting.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS): There’s no need to own an entire server and you can still have enough server resources which handle traffic very well. This is possible with VPSs.

Dedicated server packages: In this type of packages you can rent a server that gives you the flexibility to manage your rented server. While dedicated servers provide solid performance for high-traffic sites, they are still limited by their physical properties.

Cloud Hosting: It uses multiple servers and locations in order to deliver superior performance and scalability. Cloud hosting is an excellent choice for high-traffic sites that have to run smoothly even when they encounter extreme traffic spikes.

Choosing an equitable word press theme can also decide whether your site will be able to handle heavy traffic or not

Themes allow site owners to tweak the appearance and functionality of their WordPress site without changing its content or core code. The theme is an essential part of a WordPress website. You cannot build a website without choosing a theme for your website. At the minimum, one theme is a must to build a website on word press. It’s important to note that word press themes adheres to the standards set by Word press and these standards include structured PHP, valid HTML, and CSS.

Theme not only decides the appearance of your website but also determines how well your website performs during peak traffic. A theme might look great on the surface, but it may be a badly coded, chaotic mess that causes your site to slow down with every page load. As a result, WordPress is often seen as slow. The problem with WordPress isn’t the platform itself, but rather the many slow themes that load up with unnecessary features and bloat.

Minimal themes are best for WordPress, especially when you are looking at handling your traffic website at its best. Look for a theme that looks great and does what you need, and is without all the frills.

Hello Elementor, Astra, Neve, Generate Press are some of the fastest word press themes. It’s called fastest based on conducted testing, so we can trust it!

Apply caching plugins

A WordPress site’s content changes dynamically. WordPress searches the database every time someone lands on your site, collects and compiles the required information, and builds the page on the fly before it can be viewed.

During heavy traffic that is when a great number of people are visiting your site, indeed It’s a rigorous task even for high-performance hardware to do this. A caching plugin speeds up your web browsing significantly.

Caching can make your site more robust by creating HTML versions of your site’s pages and posts, which won’t require WordPress to use its native PHP programming language every time you click on a link. The result is that visitors of your website can access requested pages more quickly, reducing slowdowns and avoiding crashes during peak traffic periods.

 W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP super cache, Cache enabler, WP rocket are some of the best plugins to use if you want to make your website robust.

Utilize CDNs (Content Delivery Networks)

A Content Delivery Network can help you optimize your WordPress website for heavy traffic. By using CDN technology, your site files are served from a server location closest to the visitor. As a result, visitor’s web browsers are closer to your hosting server, so they can request pages faster.

 StackPath and Cloudflare are the top two CDN services.

There is a completely free version of Cloudflare that offers many features to improve both the performance and security of your site. Websites that receive a lot of traffic are particularly vulnerable to DDoS attacks, which Cloudflare can help to prevent.

Image Optimization

On your site, every time someone visits a page, their browser must download every image contained on the page from your server. You will incur significant server resource costs if your image files are massive, and your pages will load more slowly. And if thousands of users are visiting your page daily then it becomes no less than a nightmare!

However, With the right optimization, you can minimize file sizes while preserving quality. Using a plugin named “Imagify” is good to go option as it automates the process of optimizing your images by compressing and resizing them as soon as you upload them.

The bottom rock

WordPress is likely powering most of the popular websites you frequently visit. WordPress certainly can handle heavy traffics. It should be easy to scale your site to handle any amount of traffic as long as you choose the right hosting provider and follow the steps outlined in this article.

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